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What is Industrial Wastewater Treatment?

Industrial wastewater treatment is the physical, biological and chemical process of removing contaminants from water fluid streams. The aim of these water treatment systems is to make industrial wastewater safe for re-use or release into the environment.

The most common contaminants include oils, greases and heavy metals, as well as benzine and other petroleum by-products. AIS Environmental uses proven oil and water separation technologies to remove contaminants with the lowest possible ecological impact.

Why is it important to remove oil from water?

While the adverse effects of oil spills on the natural environment are widely recognised and immediately apparent, the sustained release of smaller - often undetectable - amounts of oil in wastewater can be just as damaging. By putting the right water treatment system in place, oil can be captured quickly and effectively.

The United States Environmental Protection Authority has set a limit on the amount of oil permitted in marine wastewater discharge – a maximum of 29 parts per million (ppm).  The oil and water separator systems used by AIS Environmental can remove oil from from water to below 5 parts per million.

Risk-free water filtration and oil removal

AIS Environmental uses MyCelx, the only oil-removal water treatment system to receive certification from both the U.S. EPA and Lloyd's Register, London.

Developed in 1994, MyCelx has since found use in oil separation, waste filtration and water treatment applications the world over, from marine industries to the resources and manufacturing sectors.

MyCelx is non-toxic, non-leaching and made entirely from naturally-occurring materials.  Ideally suited to a number of systems, we use this unique material in portable water polishing skids, filtration tubes and spill containment booms.

Globally, this technology has seen use from market leaders such as Shell, Chevron and BP, but we've been at hard at work close to home, too.

For more information on AIS Environmental - or to find out how we can tailor a water treatment system for your needs – please don't hesitate to contact us today.

AIS Environmental Case Studies

  • Oil and Gas Case Study > Oil & Gas
    Water polishing was required to ensure that the effluent from the oily water separator was maintained below required discharge limits.
    Industrial Water Case Study > Industrial Water
    Issue Reduction of water usage is a key driver for many depot operators for a variety of reasons including rising costs, environmental compliance in areas without ease of access to sewer.
  • Storm Water Case Study > Storm Water
    Council storm water outlet protected from traces of sheen entering the storm water system by using conventional storm water pits coupled with MyCelx filtration media inserts.
    Marine Case Study > Marine
    The use of MyCelx Rapid Deploy booms has proven to be a major benefit to members at the yacht clubs along the Swan River in Perth.
  • Track and Trace Case Study > Track & Trace
    Capturing the oil from storm water is a difficult and expensive process. Using MyCelx Smart Pads has enabled tracking of the locations of oil entering storm water systems.
    Air Filtration Case Study > Air Filtration
    A laboratory in Perth needed to remove oil and fuel odours being recirculated through the various specialist laboratories via the air conditioning system

More Information From AIS

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Our Rapid Deploy Booms were recently used along the Swan River in Perth to remove oil from water.

Spills caused by marine vessels can be extremely harmful to the environment.Our oil and water separator system is used by yacht clubs across Perth. The boom can be deployed in less than a minute, containing spills and sheen before extensive damage can occur.

Storm Water Treatment Systems

Storm Water Pit – We helped the Perth Council Depot protect their storm water outlets from traces of sheen.

The wastewater filtration system we used was aided by a storm water pit. MyCelx Booms – Our MyCelx booms were used at Herdsman Lake to prevent emulsified oil from contaminating the water. This wastewater filtration system is still working effectively after 12 months. MyCelx Oil capture mats & booms – The Fremantle Port Authority used our Terraguard and Verimat mats and booms to trap contaminants and stop them from entering the harbour.

Water Polishing for Recycling and Re-use

FORCE Equipment needed a parts-washing system using completely recycled wastewater.

Combining traditional oil and water separation technologies with MyCelx water polishing filters, we were able to provide a compact, skid-mounted solution that efficiently meets all their requirements.

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